Untold Kenyon Ghost Stories: The Other Caples Ghost


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Of Kenyon’s many ghosts, the most notorious is probably the aggressive boyfriend that lives in Caples Residence Hall. He’s known for bothering residents by moving furniture around and wreaking occasional havoc. Campus Safety especially is not a fan of this guy. His bad reputation isn’t entirely underserved, this kid has been documented doing some spooky shit, especially to female residents.

We’ve all heard of him. Some of us (me) are terrified of him, others have learned to live in harmony with him and his antics. He’s a staple on this campus, but true Ghost Aficionados know that there’s actually a second ghost that hangs around Caples, one that will put all of your Timothy Shutt ghost tour induced nightmares at bay. His name is Mr. Caples, and he matters too.


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Mr. Caples is just a sweet baby angel ghost that closes your dresser drawers only to have his hard work thwarted by his obnoxious co-inhabitant who moves dressers for fun. Mr. Caples is like the little brother of the school bully. The well-known Caples ghost is trash, but Mr. Caples never did anything wrong, he’s just associated with someone who sucks.

Life (death??) is rough for Mr. Caples. It’s gotta be tough to be constantly overshadowed by a huge douchebag when you’re just a chill little specter. Caples kids, when you lose your keys only to have them suddenly appear on your desk moments later, that’s Mr. Caples. It’s a rainy day and you swear you forgot to close your window when you left in the morning, yet you come home and it’s closed- him again. These are the ghostly happenings worth remembering.

This is Mr. Caples. He’s here, and he deserves some damn recognition.


via bulletin.kenyon.edu


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