Weekend Drink: Andrew’s Halloween Spoopstravaganza



This post was guest authored by Andrew Perricone ’17.

Ok, so, Gracie (Ed. note: Potter ’17, what’s up y’all) asked me to guest-write (ghost-write?) a Weekend Drink for Halloween, and I wanted to make a cool exciting delicious spooky real-person drink, I really did. But comps happened and I forgot about this until today. So, let’s throw a bunch of Halloween-themed shit together and call it a cocktail, ok? Ok. Co-credit goes to Sam Larson ’17 for offering some of the more… unusual ingredients.


  • a handful of candy corn
  • a pint of apple cider
  • “you know that smell from inside a box of old costumes? that latex must?”
  • some hay
  • MOONshine
  • “you know how when you breathe through a latex mask and there’s just that moistness? like you just sweat into your mouth?”
  • the bad candy (smarties, gum, those weird strawberry hard candies)
  • clowns!
  • bones or something idk

Pour all ingredients into a jack-o-lantern and chug through its face holes. Very spoopy!

Well, I tried. Now back to comps. Have a lovely night, everyone, and remember to bring a jacket for that chilly walk back to Caples in your “Sexy Tim Kaine” costume after Peeps gets shut down at 11:30 p.m.


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