First Years React: Halloween 2016

Halloween at Kenyon is yet another opportunity for your peers to wear that wig from Walmart and sleep in buckets of glitter. You’ll never forget your first Halloween, even if the one party on campus gets shut down before you can say Beetlejuice three times. We asked our first-year writers to reflect on their time. This post was illustrated by Annie Blackman ’20. 


“Halloweekend was aight. I wish Old K parties had more danceable music but its shortcomings were redeemed by a variety of creative costumes !! I like dressing up and had a good Saturday night costume planned, but Alex G dominated my evening instead. He and I made eye deep contact for 5 seconds while he was screaming. It’s funny how everyone bobs their head the same way at concerts.”-Annie Blackman


“The main lesson Halloweekend taught me was how structurally unsound a couple of campus buildings are. I was fully convinced that one of the Tafts was going to implode at some point Saturday night. Overall, my lazy ‘dad’ costume was fairly well received which basically means I got to walk around in a giant polo and Goodwill reading glasses and call it a costume. Also, to whoever dressed up as Slenderman and stood in front of Farr Hall on Firday night, congratulations, you’re the reason I locked my door for the first time in a month (sorry mom). Yay safety!”-Sarah Hoffmann


“I continue to be a square, so I didn’t actually encounter anything too wild. I loomed a new hat though, so I suppose that’s a something. Worth illustrating? I’m unsure. Probably not. But it’s all I’ve got!.”-Emily Blanquera


“Here it was. Friday night, the beginning of my first Halloween weekend at Kenyon. I had heard all the hype about the PEEPS party, but I knew where the true good times could be had: Gund Commons. I put on my spookiest pajamas, wore my best mask (the one where I smile and try to fool people into thinking I’m happy), and camped out at a table with my homework. In the spirit of the evening, however, the universe did give me some tricks and treats.

Trick: I’d tried to open the door to the study area, only to find I couldn’t push it open. Assuming it to be locked, I resigned myself to the Game Room.  A half hour later, I saw a very drunk Pikachu effortlessly stumble through it. The trick here? It was a pull door, and I’m a dumbass.
Treat: There were, like, seven bottles of Sweet Tea just sitting near the table. Score! Sipping from my hoard of tea and powering through my reading for the week, I thought myself to be somewhat in the eye of the storm here, surrounded by but sheltered from Halloween — boy was I wrong.
Around 2 am, the highlight of my evening. Seemingly possessed by the ghost of Karl Marx, a drunken student ran into the Game Room decrying capitalism, and demanding that he find out “where does the hummus go?!” Now I’m not sure what those two things have to do with each other, but the more I think about it, the more I think it makes sense.  And that was my Halloween.” -Chris Paludi


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