Lilian Tintori Demands Maduro Regime Provide Proof of Life for Leopoldo López

Leopoldo López, leader and prisoner of conscience, has been in isolation for over 120 hours. The Kenyon alum’s wife, Lilian Tintori, demanded the regime of Nicolàs Maduro provide proof of life, after the authorities of Ramo Verde denied entry of lawyers and family members to López’s military prison for the fifth consecutive day.

Tintori said, “To Nicolás Maduro: Leopoldo López, since 2 in the afternoon on Friday, has been isolated and we have no information on Leopoldo, it’s been 120 hours without information.  They won’t allow family members to enter, they won’t allow the lawyers to enter, and they won’t allow me to enter; we demand proof of life for Leopoldo because at this time he is being held and is a hostage of the Republic.  Proof of life where Leopoldo’s voice can be heard and his face can be seen. Only with this will we know whether Leopoldo is okay.”

Lawyer Gustavo Velásquez also confirmed this through his Twitter account, saying: “For the third day they have blocked us, his defense lawyers, from seeing @leopoldolopez. Neither the family nor we the defense lawyers have had any information on him for the past 5 days”; he had already denounced the continuation of this situation on Monday and Tuesday.

The full report can be read on



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