I Drank Only Soylent for 4 Days Straight and You’ll Never Guess What Happened


It was a nightmare.

Here’s why: Soylent does not taste edible. It has the texture of paint and the taste of liquified bread. Imagine drinking thick, room temperature, liquefied bread every day for three meals a day. That’s what it was. Do not do this.

 Day 2 (continued from the previous article)

9:00 am: I decided to avoid Peirce altogether because I realized that’s where I went wrong yesterday.

11:00 am: Wow who knew Peirce is actually a social hub oh wait I KNEW why am I doing this

12:00 pm: okay im fine this is fine

2:00 pm: okay to be fair Soylent is very filling (400 calories a bottle is no joke). 

4:00 pm: 


Rest of the day: a blur.

Day 3

7:30 am. a new dawn a new day, a new life, a BOIL ALERT!

9:00 am. gotta admit I’m pretty tickled that everyone’s lifestyle of drinking and eating with reckless abandon is interrupted at least a little bit today and not just mine…schadenfreude at its finest.

12:00pm what if i iced it, would that be better?

12:05 pm. update: don’t ice it:


what IS THAT?

5:00 pm: it’s just…so thick.

Soylent looked grey today and so does my outlook on life: 


Day 4

Time isn’t real anymore: LAST DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where am I?: walked by peirce…remember that place? remember hpapiiness?

The day is almost over: solid food, man. cherish it

In summary, don’t do this. Ever.

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