Community Events for Conversation and Support


We at The Thrill will be suspending previously slated posts for today. Instead, we encourage you to take a break from the news coverage, timelines, and online discussion threads and practice self-care at your own discretion. Attend the events being offered today for community support or stay in your room and call your mom. Do what makes you feel safe, comfortable, and better.

Following the results of the election, the Kenyon community  has offered a variety of events today to facilitate discussion and organization.

Meredith Harper Bonham ’92, Vice President of Student Affairs, recently released an email with a full list of events for today. We’ve included them here for reference.

  • Beginning at 12:00 pm in Horn Gallery, large pieces of paper will be available for members of the community to write down their thoughts and reflections. Members of the student affairs staff will be available throughout the day. Please stop by at any time.
  • Today (Wednesday) at 4:00 pm in the Alumni Dining Room, President Decatur will host a community conversation for anyone who wishes to attend. Representatives from the offices of diversity, equity & inclusion, spiritual & religious life, and counseling center will be present.
  • Tomorrow (Thursday) during Common Hour, faculty from the Department of Political Science will hold a panel discussion about the election and what is to come. More details from the department are forthcoming.


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