Do It Today: “Let’s Do Something” Event


So Donald Trump won the election. While The Thrill attempts to stay non-partisan, it’s no secret that Kenyon is pretty blue, and that the election results are a huge shock and disappointment to many. So what can we, as Kenyon students, do? The student body, in an idea originated by George Costanzo ’19, is meeting today on New Side, 1-4, to discuss what we can do next, in a movement called “Let’s Do Something.” 

“Let’s Do Something” is a self-described solidarity movement. We as Kenyon students are strong and are going to do our part to fight hate and keep working for what we believe in. This meeting is a drive for students to actively engage themselves in reacting to the election results. Many student organizations are joining together in an attempt to directly impact the effects of Trump’s election and engage the community in political discourse.

This event is to both provide support and give opportunities to make a positive change in a challenging political climate.

The groups that are currently involved in the event are the Student Council, Unity House, ECO, the Peer Counselors, the Discrimination Advisers, the Archons, Divest Kenyon, BSU, MESA, Kenyon Democrats, KSJP, Snowden, and Crozier. Other organizations are currently pledging to be involved and this post will be updated to reflect that.

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