Kenyon-Brand Perfumes and Colognes


Courtesy of Ryan Mizard/Instagram/Daily Mail

You know what stinks? The election. Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

You know what else stinks? Me, because I’ve been too depressed to shower. Bet you didn’t see that one coming–seriously, I bet you guys couldn’t even tell. All because I’ve been disguising my B.O. with the potent power of Kenyon Scent Perfumes and Colognes of the Kokoscent Kollection. Check out these bad boys to drown your sorrows–and your senses!

  • Eau de Keystone
  • Library Flopsweat
  • Pretension
  • Hash Brown Triangle No. 11
  • L’NARP 
  • Papa John’s @ 2AM
  • I Just Smoked a Bowl and Took a Nap
  • A Museum That Smells Like a Dentist’s Office : The Gund Collection
  • Computer Lab Funk: The Gund Collection
  • First-Year Tears: The Gund Collection
  • Second-Hand Smokin’
  • I Think Peirce Made Eggplant Parm for Dinner
  • No, I’m Actually On My Eighth Cup of Coffee
  • That Ineffable Smell on the Lowest Level of Leonard





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