‘Liberal Arts’ Drinking Game



this definitely counts as Radnoring, via WordPress.com

Sad about the election results? Me too! I am quaking with fury and have already screamed thrice today. Why not cope the way Kenyon kids know best, with a good old-fashioned drinking game inspired by one of our favorite movies here on campus, Josh Radnor’s Liberal Arts. It’s extra ~Kenyon~ if you do this on a Wednesday with some Franzia and/or the blue shit from the Market.

Happy forgetting!

Drink every time someone makes a ‘too real’ joke about a liberal arts education. What if I don’t even want a job? Don’t tell me what to do Josh Radnor.

Take a shot every time someone drives a ridiculous/impossible route around campus. I rewatched Liberal Arts as I made this list because I am a Dedicated Journalist, and noticed a cinematography quirk that filled me with boiling hot rage. Pick any scene where Josh Radnor’s character is in a car with another character and watch the places they drive by. Just do it. It’s shocking.

Drink every time Infinite Jest is mentioned. How many times can we as a collective drop DFW’s name before he just becomes an alumni, despite never having attended Kenyon?

Finish your drink every time Josh ‘Radnors’ around. Radnoring= that weird frolic/prance/saunter thing he does when he gets back to campus for the first time. Also known as something No One Ever Actually Does.

Drink every time a piece of Peter Rukoff’s biography is mentioned. The professor in the movie is based on actual Kenyon Professor of American Studies Peter Rukoff, so there are lots of facts about his life thrown in there. Also, they filmed a couple of scenes in Professor Rukoff’s house, which is fun.

Take a shot every time there is a blatant manipulation of campus space. Remember when they filmed the dinner party scene in Philo, a literal classroom? Or when they painted a Hanna triple blue and tried to pass it off as an Old K double? Or when they tried to make the VI look like a cool, underground bar? Or when they eat lunch at a nonexistent restaurant? I’m trying to make you aware of all of your options.

Finish your drink when a place that is literally never empty is somehow deserted in the film. The only time the DKE Lounge is ever that empty is at 10 P.M. the night of an all-campus. Josh Radnor really failed to capture the lounge’s ‘hell-dungeon’ aesthetic that we all put up with because it’s one of our few party venues, and I for one am disappointed.

Drink every time a Kenyon landmark is poorly disguised. It’s Kenyon, but it’s also definitely not Kenyon. Just a small liberal arts college. Nowhere specific. Lots of campuses have this much Gothic architecture. It’s actually a pretty big campus, now that I look closely at how much driving time is required to get around campus. I thought Josh Radnor went to OSU.

Bonus: Slap the bag when you see one of your profs somewhere in the film! They would be so proud!




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