The Buddy System: Crozier’s Got Your Back!


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Hey, Kenyon! In light of recent events, a lot of students have expressed feelings of fear and discomfort traveling into Mount Vernon/the Knox County area alone, as well as walking around campus at night. Crozier got wind of this and has decided to set up a Buddy System! Their goal is to ensure the safety and comfort of anyone who might feel uncomfortable going places by themselves. In other words, they’re going to make sure we all have someone to swim with if need be! Thanks, Crozier!

The three main objectives of the Buddy System are to make sure students can have someone to:

  1. Walk with them across campus
  2. Travel with them into Mount Vernon via shuttle
  3. Drive them into Mount Vernon or farther in a car, if a car is available

Crozier recently sent out an email about this to the entire student body, so feel free to check it out! If you’re in a position of privilege and feel safe being someone’s buddy, all you have to do is fill out a Google form with your name and contact information. Once you’ve signed up, they’ll send you a timesheet so you can choose slots for when you’re available to help out. Feel free to email for more info!


Joining the Buddy System is a very useful way to show allyship to a bunch of folks who are feeling pretty terrified right now. If you have the time, you should really think about helping us out! We need you!


Also, shoutout times a million to Crozier for putting this mechanism into place. Thank you for taking care of us.

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