10 o’clock list: Even More Things that Make Me Uncomfy


bet you thought you’ve seen the last of me

Here’s the deal: life is a nightmare and everyone probably needs a hug from their mom. As we all try to make it through this week, let’s think about all the stuff that makes us uncomfortable. Uneasy. Uncomfy. Here we go.

  1. Salad plates. I am meant to dive into a swimming pool of salad. I cannot climb a salad mountain! How dare you!
  2. Raisin Flavored Fry Pies. Who did this?
  3. Accidentally making passionate eye contact with strangers through the windows of Wiggin Street Coffee. You know the moment. You innocently walk by WSC. You try your hardest not to glance into the windows. You can’t resist. You look. A stranger is staring back into your eyes. You don’t know each other. But in that moment, you do? Where do you two go from there? I think you are married now and that is how it works goodNIGHt.
  4. (This one does out to all the tour guidesWhen parents walk past the tour guide and go the wrong way because they actually don’t know where they’re going thus forcing the tour guide to say “we’re actually going this way” like a dick but they’ve really just forced your hand here!
  5. Drinking from the bathroom sink in Olin when someone walks in. Please, don’t look at me!

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