Abroad Sound Off: Upperclassmen Confess What They Wish They Knew


For the Sophomore class, decisions about whether one will go abroad or not are approaching. Applications are due, conversations with parents and peers will inevitably happen, and some minor soul-searching will occur. We asked our upperclassmen writers give some advice to their past, sophomore selves. 

  • You’ll miss your friends who go abroad a different semester but that shouldn’t be a determining factor in when you want to go.
  • The best perspective I ever got before going abroad was: this is one of the only times in your life when you’ll have abundant time to do just about whatever you want in a completely new place. It made me more confident in deciding to take risks and learn.

  • To say that I wavered back-and-forth with my decision to go abroad is an understatement, but if there’s anything I learned from my own indecisiveness, it’s that there is no bad decision to make. What do you want for yourself right now? Go with that.
  • I decided not to go abroad. While spending time in a new place certainly forces one to grow, being on campus while so many of my close friends weren’t here made that semester an intense experience of social growth. Don’t think you need to leave the country to have an adventure and grow!!! I’m glad I stayed on campus to continue on my academic track and build relationships with professors and peers. Eight semesters isn’t so long, after all, so don’t feel like you’re missing a huge opportunity.
  • I chose to go abroad because I wanted to come back to Kenyon with a new perspective. It’s insane to think that I only have one full year left here. For that reason, I wanted to come back with a newfound appreciation for the place that I wouldn’t find without leaving for a while. I wanted to go abroad to see what else was out there with the comfort of knowing I’ll always be back.

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