10 o’clock List: Kenyon’s Best Trees



Treet yo’self                                                                                                                                                                                     Photo credit: Alex Contreras ’17

We can take a lesson from trees. They’re tall. Resilient. They grow they way I’d like to grow: slowly, constantly, earnestly. We must accept diversity as trees do: deciduous, conifer, ficus, bonsai. We must learn to change with the seasons, and shed our precious leaves that inevitably die come autumn. We should all be so lucky to develop xylem and phloem. We all must learn to inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. That’s not a metaphor; we should literally do that.

These are some of my favorite trees on campus. Go spend some quality time with them.

  1. Upside-Down Tree


This is one of my favorite things about Kenyon (see: first picture).

2. Swing Tree


And there’s a new chain on the swing now!

3. Brochure Tree: Work Hard


You’ve probably studied under this tree, or napped in an Adirondack chair under this tree before studying. And you probably got that idea from a Kenyon brochure.

4. Brochure Tree: Play Hard


It would not unreasonable to bask in this tree’s shade as you drink beers with pals and play some Frisbee. You’ll spend the best days of your life under this tree. Cherish it. Revere it. This tree knows you more about you than you do.

5. Christmas Conifer (in front of the Horn)


I’m not the biggest fan of evergreens, but this tree looks super pretty with lights during the holidays.

6. Visually Pleasing Tree


I once spent ten minutes trying to climb this tree.

7. Scrappy Underdog (by the northernmost entrance to the NCAs)


This! Tree! Grows! Around! A LAMPPOST!!!

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