PEIRCEGIVING: A Live-Blogging Extravaganza

What’s up nerds? Annie and I are two of the Thrill’s first year writers and we’re experiencing the joy, fear, ironic detatchment and ecstasy of Peircegiving for the first time as we speak. For your reading pleasure, we’re gonna live-blog the whole damn thing.

4:38 pm A long line formed with virtually no warning. Annie is nowhere to be found. -Sarah

4:46 pm First year student walks in, sees line extending through the atrium and back down length of New Side, mouths the words, “we fucked up,” and defeatedly heads to the end of the line. -Sarah

4:48 pm Was that a cheer or far away game of Heads Up being played in the line to pass the time? -Sarah

4:49 pm It’s a cheer! We’re moving people! -Sarah

5:01 pm About to walk through Peirce doors. Nervous. -Annie

5:15 pm bone app the teeth! -Sarah

5:28 pm Just got food. Lots of societal pressure to get larger servings than I would have otherwise. Feeling alive. -Annie

5:34 pm I’m already full but I’m going to keep eating, because that’s the American thing to do. -Annie

5:36 pm It’d be cool if they (who’s they? not sure) made plates that were hot so the food stayed hot. -Annie

5:44 pm god comes in many forms. -Annie

5:52 pm Starting to feel full, but mama didn’t raise no bitch. Dessert stuffing time. -Sarah

5:55 pm Dessert stuffing was a mistake. Sorry mom. -Sarah

5:59 pm We came, we ate too fast, we had a great time. Happy Peircegiving!


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