A Developing Collection of Kenyon Terminology

There are moments at Kenyon that silently, without acknowledgement, constantly happen throughout campus. There are developed habits and learned skills that come situations only Kenyon offers. We are continuing to define these terms–have one that didn’t make the cut? Comment your original idea below!

Reincarnation pizza: The pizza at Hearth on Tuesday was your chicken tikka masala on Monday. It’s that thing when Peirce manufactures all leftovers into pizza for the next day. It happens more often than you think– wake up America.

Profile Photo: It’s that picture your friend takes for his/her esteemed Photography I project. It’s also the photo that will inevitably become your profile picture on Facebook, because you’re cool now.

Bowl Alert: This is brief but powerful zing of excitement that comes from seeing an empty and available bowl in the servery.

The Wiggin Glance: That moment when you walk into Wiggin and everyone silently turns to look at you.

The Thanksgiving Chop: The inevitable haircut that happens when one returns home for Thanksgiving. Similar to the dye-your-hair-blue-era known as Winter Break.

The Brown Complex: The simultaneous inferiority and superiority complex that happens to current students at Kenyon who are also former rejected-early-decision-applicants of Brown University.

Eau de Deli: The inevitable deli stench that will follow you around after spending ten or more seconds in there.


3 responses

  1. Earnest question – are bowls hard to come by these days at peirce? The bowl was an integral part of my Kenyon experience and it really saddens me to think that future generations of Kenyon students wouldn’t always have bowls. Someone please advise.

    • Hi! Bowls are in high demand and often run out within the first 30 minutes of breakfast/lunch/dinner. I think it’s related to the emergence of the “double-bowl” (for optimal salad tossing) into mainstream peirce habits.

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