10 o’clock list: All-Campus Parties that Aren’t Happening This Year


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One of the best things about Kenyon is our inclusive party scene. We’ve had a pretty solid line-up thus far, with more to come in the spring. Because we’re in-between party seasons right now, let’s take a look at some of the party ideas that didn’t make the cut this year.

Deb Ball 2.0: Inspired by our beloved Deb Ball, instead of wearing God Knows What, this party encourages students to come dressed as their favorite pop culture ‘Deb’. Deb from Napoleon Dynamite? Grab your favorite pink polo shirt, fanny pack, and use the scrunchie on your wrist to put your hair in her signature side ponytail. Debbie Harry? I feel like she wouldn’t love being called Deb but go for it anyway. Honestly there aren’t a lot of famous Debs so this one didn’t really pan out.

Accurate Theme Party: Like a regular all-campus, but they actually play music that corresponds with the theme. Your move, Beyoncé party.

Club Olin: For one night only, third floor Olin will be transformed into Kenyon’s hottest nightclub. Imagine any nightclub Stefon ever described on SNL, put them all together, that’s what Club Olin would be like. This party was vetoed for two reasons, one: MTV’s Dan Cortese was booked solid, and two: LBIS didn’t attend Social Event Host Training this year.

The One D-Cat Comes To: This one will never happen because he is far too classy for this shit, but we can dream.

BYOPC (Bring Your Own Peirce Cup): Listen up you monsters, Peirce is completely out of cups. We started with 2000 and we’re down to 150 or so. It’s time to get serious and get the cups back. A Peirce cup (you know you have one) is your entry ticket to the party and your cup for the night. Conveniently, your ticket out of the party is also your Peirce cup. Anyone refusing to relinquish their Peirce cup will be held hostage in the DKE Lounge. All of the collected cups will be returned to their rightful home in the Servery and peace will be restored.

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