22 Times The Gilmore Girls Reboot Perfectly Described Your Finals Week


I smell snow

The end of the semester is drawing near and you know what that means: work, work, and more WORK. With finals week looming like a dark cloud over Gambier, we barely have time to sleep, let alone netflix and chill. But, between Quest papers and bio labs, who can resist those laughable, lovable, loquacious Gilmore Girls…or should I say, women?? Though I think we can all agree this reboot has been poorly timed (didn’t Amy Sherman Palladino realize we have EXAMS???), at least it’s chock full of relatable moments to motivate us to that sweet winter break! Like Lorelei Gilmore always says…”I love snow!”

Here are 22 times “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” was Too Real:

  • When Rory unearthed the Golden Egg
  • When Emily passed away peacefully in her sleep
  • When The Others infiltrated Stars Hollow
  • When Taylor spilled hot soup down his front
  • When Lorelei and Michel almost kissed, but then both remembered they are gay
  • After the pig was elected mayor, when he raised a child militia and everyone realized they had made a huge mistake
  • The Try-On Montage
  • When Lorelei blocked Rory on Facebook
  • When Luke confessed to painting Civil War tableaus on the weekends
  • When Paris appeared on Ripley’s Believe It or Not and finally told Ripley she did not believe it
  • When Dean switched bodies with Mayor Pig
  • When Logan asked Rory if he should donate his hair to Locks of Love
  • When Beth-Ann showed up and she was madder than a bobcat caught in piss fire
  • The Tony Hawk cameo
  • Tony Hawk’s dream sequence
  • When Tony Hawk constructed a half-pipe in the Dragon Fly’s foyer, and the guests encouraged him
  • When Kirk owned up to his actions
  • When Lorelei and Rory ate takeout together
  • The opening ceremonies for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics and Jess was there too
  • When Lisa’s wig made of Logan’s hair fell off and she was humiliated
  • When Babette and her jazz husband made love on air
  • When Lisa’s own hair grew back

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