10 o’clock List: How to Piece Your Night Together

Like a troll in the nighttime you must check your phone! (via cosmopolitan.co.uk)

It’s Sunday morning and the sun is oppressively bright because of all that crazy shit you did last night. It was fun – at least it feels like it was – but what is it exactly that you did? Here’s a guide as to how you might be able to piece together your night (and your life) after a wild evening out.

  1. Check your phone for calls and texts. Your texts and calls are the first spot you’ll want to look for any clues as to what went on the night before. Even if they aren’t particularly useful, they’re still pretty fun to read.
  2. Check your camera roll. Tricky, tricky! You last night thought that you this morning would be too hungover to check the camera roll for any pics of nighttime shenangigans. Pictures offer not only a literal glimpse into what you were doing, but also act as a pretty good judge of how sloshed you were based on how blurry the pictures are.
  3. Check your Snapchat. There is truly nothing worse than checking Snapchat after a night out only to find a million opened-but-not-responded to snaps on your main screen. If this does happen to you, at least you thought there was something worth sharing happening during your time out. Also, check your story.
  4. Go to brunch and ask your friends. If you went out, you probably went out with friends. It’s statistically, scientifically, and mathematically unlikely that you and all your friends all can’t remember what you did the night before. Ask ’em some questions and hopefully you’ll get some answers. If not, at least you got some brunch.
  5. Just accept that there are some things you’ll never quite remember. Pack up your stuff, head to the library, and come to terms with the fact that some things aren’t meant to be remembered. Once you’ve accepted this, you can move on and hope you don’t get this sauced again.

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