Starter Packs for Your Major


Majors. We all got ’em. We all change our identities to conform to ’em. Are you really an Econ major if you show up to class wearing something other than sweatpants or a suit? Probably not. We here at The Thrill are simplifying the process for you with this list of starter kits for your major. Thinking about declaring? Check the this first.












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  1. damn all of these are almost eerily accurate except for the english one which also doesn’t include any clothing? I’m not an english major and even I know that most english majors here would rather not be associated with john green. idk maybe because there are so many english majors they’re harder to do an accurate starter pack for? like idk what they have in common beyond, like, a copy of the kenyon review and the mla handbook

    anyway, i love this. please do more.

    • I feel like the English major one should be re-worked as a “prospective English major.” I think a lot of incoming first years are really obsessed w/ him but when they actually get here they become cynical.

    • ACTUAL ENGLISH MAJOR STARTER PACK: Doc Marten boots, huge chunky sweater, Norton Anthologies and MLA handbooks that never actually get used because it’s all on Perdue OWL anyway, tote bag from indie bookstore of choice (Powells, Strand, or Shakespeare & Co if you went abroad), DFTBA laptop sticker because that’s the only place you can safely admit that you actually do like John Green.

  2. I wish there were more different types of majors listed. There’s only 1 STEM major! I’m electrical engineering and I hardly even hang out with people outside of STEM just because I don’t see them that often, so I can’t relate to any of this beside chem (and music because I’m in choir). I’m sure this is a great list, I just want more variety! :D

  3. I wish there were more STEM majors listed. I’m an electrical engineering major (on of the few girls!), and since I don’t really see people outside my college that often, I can only really relate to chem. I’m sure everything else is spot on, I just want more because I love making fun of myself! :D

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