10 o’clock list: Things I am Deeply Afraid Of


illustration by Carolyn Gavin

  • Opening my computer on third floor Olin and having the volume on full blast, playing anything
  • Slipping and falling in Peirce, extra points if you spill something on yourself while doing this
  • Backpack butt; for the culturally illiterate, this is when you are wearing a skirt/dress and your backpack pulls up the back of your skirt and everyone can see your BUTT!! Tights do not fix this issue, do not test me.

  • Making a salad on a plate instead of a bowl: Simply an unnatural and horrifying experience. The dressing isn’t tossed properly, all the mix-ins are unevenly placed. Too stressful
  • The ham salad in Peirce; I love ham and I love mayonnaise but something about it all chopped up like that gives me the heebie-jeebies.
  • Making it clear I know a seemingly perfect stranger’s name and having no explanation as to why I would have that information; aka, when it becomes painfully clear that I am a creep
  • Sleep paralysis

Have a great finals week! The end is near, and I am so excited.


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