Psst! It’s Not Too Late to Give Up!


this is a hilarious joke please laugh

In case you were wondering, the deadline to mulligan that one class (you know the class) is This Friday the 9th. You know the class. Get outta there!

Here are the steps: 

1) PICK UP THE PAPERWORK (not available on-line) from the Registrar’s Office staff by MONDAY, December 5th so that you have enough time to engage in appropriate consultation. If you’re remotely considering the option, simply pick up the paperwork so you have it in your possession. The Registrar’s Office staff will go over the details with you. You will not be able to use the WL option if you’ve already used it in a previous semester.

2) MAKE A DEAN’S APPOINTMENT IMMEDIATELY to meet with Dean Ngai through the Academic Advising page here. You will not need to meet with her last, but appointments will be available no later than THURSDAY, Decemeber 8th at 4:30PM. Don’t delay in booking this appointment!

3) OBTAIN ALL SIGNATURES from your course faculty, faculty advisor, Dean Ngai, and ALL INITIALS from applicable administrators (for financial aid, visa, and athletics reasons).


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