Special Message from HPZ: a Shop to Help


This piece was guest written by Hannah Zipperman ’16


This is Hannah Zipperman and I am here to tell you about SHOP2HELP.

Cathy Mayer and I have started an online store to raise money for nonprofit organizations. We’ve selected organizations that are doing important and necessary work in today’s political climate and during the future presidential administration.

As of right now, we are a depop exclusive shop. Our handle is @NastyWomen. For those who don’t know, Depop is an app that you can download on your smart phone and shop online for very cool clothes! Our store is:  https://www.depop.com/nastywomen

Right now, the proceeds will go to the following organizations:

ACLU [American Civil Liberties Union]

SPLC [Southern Poverty Law Center]

Planned Parenthood

CAIR [Council on American-Islamic Relations]

AIC [American Immigration Council] &


In the long term, we hope to be much more than just a second hand clothing store between friends. We hope to become a registered nonprofit with our own website where we would sell tshirts, keychains, jewelry, posters AND SO MUCH MORE! We also want the site to house art, music, poetry, stories, videos, manifestos, WHATEVER you create that sends a message that it is better to love than to hate! Once SHOP2HELP has its own site, we also plan to expand the list of organizations for donation.


We need your clothing donations! We need submissions, for tshirts, posters, anything that empowers or inspires you!

Cathy Ann Mayer will be on campus from the 9th to the 12th of December to get donations and hopefully, poster & tshirt submissions.

We know that that weekend is incredibly busy because it is the last weekend of the semester, so we are hoping you will look through your closets now! It truly won’t take much time! Once you have your stuff to donate/submit you can leave it in a box outside NCA 3C.  Yes! WE ACCEPT BOY’S CLOTHES!

Please help us out!

If you want to get on our mailing list to stay up to date with SHOP2HELP, email ashoptohelp@gmail.com !! ASK US QUESTIONS, TELL US YOUR CONCERNS, TALK TO US!!! We do not care if we did not know you at Kenyon, please be our friend now.

Thank you and I love you!


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