Weekend Drink: Homestretch on the Beach


With the final days of the semester slowly trickling down into the single digits, it’s easy to lose sight of the fleeting moments that may pass you by. Amidst the panic of finals, bleak weather, and packing up if you’re going abroad– it’s important to take a moment to enjoy these final few moments of first semester. The only consistent cure to finals week blues is a special concoction designed to transport you to a place with warm sand, clear water, and endless Vitamin D. Drink your Homestretch on the Beach on your couch, in the library, or while you pack. This is best served as a punch, so share it with your housemates or even a perfect stranger slowly dying on third floor Olin.

  • pineapple concentrate, 46 oz
  • a fifth of Vodka
  • a bottle of champagne
  • maybe like half a bottle of seltzer
  • pineapple chunks, if you’re wild
  • lemonade

HAVE FUN THIS WEEKEND! Stay warm, safe, and with people you trust.

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