The Monday Catchup


The description for this photo: finals-night-young-caucasian-student-struggles-to-stay-awake-next-to-spilled-coffee-pile-books-white-background

As the chill settled upon our hill last evening, I found myself restored to an infantile state. Here I sit now weeping, tired, and drinking from a coffee cup as if it was teat supple with mother’s milk. Yes, a coffee teat. I can’t tell if that last image was a product of creativity or fatigue. It was probably the latter. Find me Friday at 6:30pm. I’ll be in a better mood- certainly a different state. Many of you were in a different state, too this weekend. Here’s what you had to say!

If I had a baby at the beginning of the semester, it would be a semester old. Wow.

Question: why is Midnight breakfast NOT at midnight, huh??

Time to slip and fall on Middle Path *deep, resigned sigh*

You’re sounding a little burnt out, friends. Take some time off and go to these activities.

What: Stairwells in the Trash House

  • The Mighty, Mighty Stairwells, are inviting you, distinguished guests, to their Winter Tunes Show! It is Garbage themed, yes, but that has very little/nothing to do with their show at all.
  • If I could be a piece of garbage, I would be a banana peel- always part of some hackneyed joke, yellow-brownish, and really soft.

When: Wednesday, December 14th at 9:57pm

Where: The Horn

What: Cookie Decorating and Pizza!

  • Decorate cookies, grab some pizza, and enjoy a chance to relax at the busy time of year.
  • What about cookie pizza?!

When: Monday, December 12th at 5:30pm-7pm

Where: Parish House


  • leave.

When: Friday, December 17th at 12pm

Where: Start here, in Gambier, and end up elsewhere. Great.

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