The Long Goodbye


photo by Emma Brown

I’ve been a fan of The Thrill since I learned of its existence. I devoured each and every post before I even got into Kenyon. When I applied, I was so nervous I made all my newly acquired acquaintances of first semester freshman year read and re-read my application until they begged me to stop. I dreamt of working as an editor and never thought in a billion years I’d be here, writing my last post as Editor in Chief.

Kenyon is hard. The campus is remote, the temperatures dip below freezing without batting an eyelash, and there are times when I’m convinced everyone on this campus is trying to personally destroy my will to live. But there are parts of my life here that have brought me out of these deep, dark holes and reminded me of the genuinely good people around me are trying their very hardest to create for someone besides themselves. The Thrill has both sides, and I am humbled, exhausted, and thankful to experience it all on full volume.

I am proud of the work The Thrill has published this semester. I am proud of the nonsense. I am proud of self-induced challenges. I am proud of the jokes. I am proud of the criticism. I am proud of the heart.

The Thrill reminds me everyday that while we are wasting away on the hill, simultaneously dreading and waiting for the day to end, we are all a part of something greater than ourselves.


Thank you, readers, writers, and editors– for being a part of The Thrill. Have a safe trip back home, wherever that is, and see you on the other side.

With love,


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