Things You Missed on Campus Last Semester


You’re back! I missed you! While you were probably busy being mistaken for an Italian pop star in a series of glamorous montages abroad, believe it or not stuff was happening at Kenyon too. Here’s a brief summary of all that happened at Kenyon during Fall of 2016.

  1. Students completed the online course “Think About It“—a mandatory training on dating violence and sexual assault that elicited controversy. Some students claimed it employed antiquated gender stereotypes and victim blaming. Administration has since followed up with students regarding their experiences completing the program in an effort to improve.
  2. Title XI Audit. An external review of Kenyon’s Title IX policies, procedures, and activities was completed. The entire report can be found here: Kenyon College Title IX News
  3. Following Trump’s election, students organized a “Let’s Do Something” solidarity movement. Throughout the semester, student and faculty shared their perspectives on life in a post-Trump America. Read these posts here: Understanding A Country That Chose Trump, Statement from President Decatur, and The False Promise of Respectful Difference.
  4. Peirce Pub opened for business! We don’t really know how to feel about it yet, but it’s here.
  5. Peirce Got New Doors and the library got some egg-like chairs. 
  6. What’s that thing on the side of Rosse? Over October break, a statue by British sculptor Antony Gormley was installed on the north side of Rosse. Fun facts: the cast iron statue weighs 1,400 pounds. Just a fact: the statue scared everyone but is actually pretty cool!
  7. Peirce started putting pictures of the actual cereal on the cereal dispensers. We are blessed
  8. Lot of things were under construction and now they aren’t. Trust us, there was a lot and now there is not! You were lucky!
  9. The new black box was being built and now it’s here. Check it out on North Campus near the NCA’s and Art Barn.
  10. The old black box was a pit and now it’s a half pit. 
  11. Two words: Outdoor. Chargers. 



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