First Years React: Winter Break


Illustration by Annie Blackman

We’re back! Winter break has come and gone and we’re happy/sad about it. Another milestone in the Kenyon year has passed, and we asked our first-year writers to reflect it on it in all it’s of glory.
What a steadily wonderful time! Going into it, I knew it was a full month, but I feel that perhaps Kenyon time and home time are somehow bent differently. The month at home felt like a lil’ eternity, but it was all so lovely that I can’t complain. I spent lots o’ time with friends and animals, watched lots o’ movies, and scooped lots o’ ice cream. Nothing spectacular, but I was surprised with the way it filled the time and how satisfied I was with it. I didn’t feel a strong yearning to come back to school because there was a completeness to my break life, but now that I’m back I’m quite pleased! So much gratitude to the break, thanks winter! – Emily Blanquera
My break was actually very successful. I enjoyed the freedom to light candles in my bedroom, cruise around in my 11 year old Prius, and scream-sing all over my house. My parents let my brother and I have New Years at our house which was cool and surprising. Overall, memories were made, and weight was gained. Who could ask for anything more?! – Annie Blackman
Winter break was fun! It definitely had it’s highs and lows though. My friends from back home were on break at the same time, so we were able to waste money together just like the good old days. My sleep schedule took a turn for the Truly Horrific and I had to take drastic measures to fix it (I stayed up for 48 hours, calm down, it’s all okay). I fell down an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia hole and watched a number of seasons that I am deeply ashamed of. Happy to be back, but I’ll never fully be ready to part with my dog, no matter how many times I have to do it. – Sarah Hoffmann

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