New Year, Kinda Different Peirce



Upon entering our beloved dining hall for the first time this semester, it’s impossible not to notice that AVI made some changes over the break. Kenyon students are notoriously hesitant to accept even the smallest of changes, so to make this transition a little easier, here’s a list of things to look out for next time you’re in Peirce.

  1. There’s a rice cooker! A rice cooker!
  2. The iced coffee moved to be near the rest of the coffee stuff
  3. New signs
  4. Purple plastic tongs
  5. The teas are spread out (so you don’t have grab a fistful of teas to sift through like a literal monster just to get the one you want)
  6. Allergen listings for more items!!!
  7. The purple plastic tongs suck
  8. The iced coffee moved a second time, to be close to that weird section of Peirce that cannot be described accurately in a single sentence (there’s fruit but also quinoa and yogurt sometimes? I’m just here for a hardboiled egg man)
  9. All of the disposable coffee cups are together near the reusable mugs
  10. God awful purple plastic tongs

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