An Hour Away: Mahall’s


Late last year, a group of friends and I decided to go to an eskimeaux / Frankie Cosmos show in Cleveland. Little did we know that the venue was a bowling alley/thrift store/coffee shop with a performance hall in the back. It was a location like no other, and I can’t recommend it enough. 


  1. Aesthetic. Once you step inside, you get the feeling that this is the set for an indie music video, or maybe a Wes Anderson short. The bathroom has funky wallpaper, there are old-timey silk couches scattered in unorthodox places, and also there’s a bowling alley just sitting there!
  2. Variety. We got there a little early, and I was expecting to have to do the whole stand-up-for-a-really-long-time-while-surrounded-by-strangers thing for about an hour before the concert started. Instead, we roamed the thrift shop, debated buying coffee, and just had a ball. Lots to do!
  3. Atmosphere. Everyone who worked there seemed unusually friendly, especially the teen selling candy who told me that the corner store sold cheaper Snickers bars than he did. Lots of good vibes!


  1. Timing. Okay, this is more like two hours away, and driving back to Gambier at midnight was less than ideal, especially on a Tuesday. Plan your trips wisely, and be sure to leave at least four hours for travel.
  2. Sound. The sound tech at the concert I went to was bad. However, there are probably other sound techs who work there who are good! And maybe he just had a bad night.

Overall, I’d give this location an A-. Lots of fun, great concert, but a long night. Would recommend!


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