10 o’clock list: New Semester, New Me

I don’t know about you guys, but the new year always rejuvenates me. I reflect on my past successes and failures, and see how I can improve myself in the coming year. Second semester is just the sort of comeback we all need to achieve our full potential. Here are some of my goals for Spring Semester…

  • Never skip a class, and ALWAYS arrive 10 minutes early!
  • Do ALL the readings–thoroughly and multiple times!!
  • Call parents once a week. Tell them I love them.
  • Make Merit List
  • Get Distinction on comps
  • Graduate as uber-Valedictorian
  • Win literally every award Kenyon has to offer, even the ones I’m not qualified for
  • Abolish tuition
  • Make all buildings accessible (without spending money or disrupting the peace)
  • Kure the Krud
  • Find everlasting love
  • Eradicate sadness
  • Never make a mistake ever again and get everything right the first try

That list re-written as an erasure poem…

  • Never skip class
  • Do the reading
  • Call parents once
  • Do comps
  • Graduate

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