Rush Week Sound Off



look at all those letters

look at all those letters


Rush week is here and there are posters advertising the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood in what feels like every bathroom stall on campus. You might be wondering–to rush or not to rush? We’ve taken it upon ourselves to answer that question! So here are some responses from Thrill Writers and why they did or did not rush.


“Even though all my friends are mighty involved in rush activities, my life is filled with entirely too much general, academic, and professional rushing to find time to participate in social organizations that I have to pay for. Because that’s the thing…you have to pay money to rush; I would rather pay money for a Netflix subscription and lure friends to hang out with me that way. (I’m not against people who rush…Community is important and fun, yo.)” – Anna Libertin ’18


“Joining a sorority was the last thing I thought I’d do when I went to college, However, AST convinced me that Greek life was something I wanted to be a part of. My journey with AST has carried me all the way through realizing the fact that I wasn’t a sister, but a sibling (a.k.a, when I realized I was genderqueer). The women in my sorority have been and continue to be so supportive throughout my transition and have even switched to using more gender-neutral language! Yay AST!” – Cat March ’19


“When I first got to Kenyon I was very anti-Greek life, but after a semester on the hill I met a lot of cool people involved in Greek life. So, I decided to give it a shot and rush. I ended up pledging EDM and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made at Kenyon thus far.” – Madison McDowell ’19


“My decision not to rush was not so much of an active decision as it was a passive allowance. Greek life has never been of much interest to me in the past, and so when the e-mails and posters rolled out, I just let them roll past me. I don’t have anything against Greek Life at all, but nor do I have anything strongly for it, so that’s that, I suppose!” – Emily Blanquera ’20


“During my sophomore year I strongly considered rushing AST because a lot of my friends were a part of it, and they were always talking about how great it was. I talked to them about it and they made it clear it could be as much or little of a commitment as I wanted. I realized I was doing so much on campus already that if I committed to AST I would be paying dues for very little participation and realized it wasn’t worth it if I couldn’t truly make the commitment.” – Sam Roschewsk ’18


“Despite running cross country for three years in high school, I decided not to run at Kenyon. By second semester freshman year, I realized that I missed having a team. So, I figured that joining a sorority would give me that feeling again. After having spent a year with my sorority, I am thankful for the friends, social life, and support it has provided me with. I will say, however, it is not the only group I am passionately a part of. I like to think being in a sorority defines me to an extent, but never will it displace the defining characteristics of the work I do elsewhere on campus. ” – Mia Fox ’19




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