First Years React: Rush Week


Illustration by Annie Blackman

Rush happened! It’s mysterious, it’s stressful, we still don’t entirely know what happened. Our first-year writers are here to talk about their experiences.

I was never formally told what rush week was, nor do I even now have a true, thorough understanding. It seemed, however, like a good time for those involved, so I’m happy for them! I was never interested though, which is probably evident in my lack of knowledge. I’m satisfied and content with the other things in my life that fill my time, and so I’ve never felt a need to go Greek. Last week in particular was a very full week with my other commitments, so I feel as though even if I had wanted to rush, I wouldn’t have been able to. But I did not, so here we are, warm and cozy as before and always! – Emily Blanquera

I decided to rush entirely on a whim. I went into Kenyon thinking Greek life wasn’t for me and found out that most of the preconceived notions I had about Greek life didn’t seem to apply here, which is really great. I wish one of the sororities had had a car available for smashing, but such is life. Whether or not I end up joining a group, I’m happy to have come out of this week with a more positive outlook on this community at Kenyon. – Sarah Hoffmann

I didn’t rush because I’ve never been a fan of Greek life. I definitely think Kenyon Greek life has a different vibe from that at other colleges and universities, but I’ve had a strong opinion about it for a while. For better or for worse, I made the decision not to rush prior to arriving on campus. I admire the sisterhood/brotherhood it provides, as well as the community service aspect, but it’s not really my thing. – Annie Blackman

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