Goat Tacos: A Review


Yesterday, via Facebook, Peirce announced a special menu item. Goat tacos. Initial reactions were mixed, and Middle Path buzzed with confusion, horror, excitement, and hunger. While students’ stances varied on the ethics and appeal of the tacos, curiosity consumed all. Today, I put aside my hesitation, tried the goat tacos, and between bites, got insight on the opinions of my peers.

The taco was served in a flour tortilla and drizzled with a minty cream sauce. The portion was small, as expected from any pre-plated Peirce dish, but decidedly an appropriate sample size. I brought the tacos back to my table, counted backwards from three, and took a bite.

The goat was tender, perhaps the best-cooked meat I’ve eaten at Peirce, and the initial flavor was not dissimilar to ham, but with a consistency closer to pulled pork or steak. The second bite was less flavorful, but its chewiness held up nicely. The minty cream sauce complimented the smokiness of the goat and provided an unexpected twist.

Katrina Peterson ’20 remarked, “Definitely a strong, smokey flavor. Barbecue done right. My goat isn’t as tender as I would like, but the toughness is offset by the delicate texture and grain of steak,” and concluded with, “A Peirce risk that ended up O.K.”

Once I had finished my taco, I walked the length of new side in an attempt to spot other adventurous eaters and get their takes. Lillian Fox Peckos ’20 was quick to speak her mind. “Really delicious,” she said, “the meat to tortilla ratio was uneven, not enough goat, but well cooked and succulent for sure. It was cool to eat something raised so locally.” Natalie Berger ’20 called the flavor, “dynamic,” and Jack Melican ’20 deemed the goat, “smoky, with a hint of distrust and satisfaction.” Those who didn’t try the tacos may have been surprised at the overwhelmingly positive response. How could goat go over so well? The question could be answered in one bite.

Flavor: 7/10

Texture: 9/10

Overall experience: 10/10


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