Kenyon Pets: Pterodactyl the Laser-Chasing Betta Fish

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 4.51.27 PM.png

he sees u

This is Pterodactyl. He is a betta fish of an unknown age belonging to Jen Cabiya ’18. As you can see, he is red. He is also very cool. He lives in a ten-gallon tank complete with an aerator, some nice blue rocks, a plastic diver’s helmet (for hiding), a sign that says “BEWARE SHARKS! NO SWIMMING” (to showcase his great sense of humor), and some mini roman pillars (because he’s a classy, well-learned lil’ dude). Of course, there’s more to this little aquatic demon than what meets the eye. Be prepared to meet the most talented fish to ever attend this fine liberal arts institution. Take it away, Pterodactyl!


Betta fish are fierce hunters and Ptery is no exception to this rule. If he senses it’s feeding time, he will shoot up to the surface of the tank and (silently) scream for fish flakes (like a shark!). If he catches sight of his own reflection in the corner of the tank, he will fluff up his fins like a beautiful crimson flower and attempt to fight himself like the majestic champion he is. But this water-faring warrior isn’t completely serious all the time! Pterodactyl certainly knows how to have fun, if he’s so inclined.



Ptery playing with bubbles!


Ptery likes to play in the bubbles from the aerator. He also blows bubbles with his mouth to form little bubble nests. His most impressive trick, however, is an activity usually attributed to felines. He likes to chase laser pointers, just like a cat. The second he notices the little red dot on the floor of his tank, he’ll nose-dive to try and ‘catch’ the swiftly-moving prey, probably intending to eat it. Unfortunately, he is a fish, and does not understand that he cannot actually consume red light. Poor Ptery. His brain is so small.


I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into the life of my favorite gourami! Long may Pterodactyl reign.

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