‘How to Resist’ Masterpost

greenpeace_resist_whitehouse_fb (1).jpg

via Snopes

Weren’t able to attend a Women’s March this January? Want to resist the current presidential administration but can’t leave town? Have no fear, The Thrill is here to offer you a couple of ways to fight back from the comfort of your very own dorm room.

1. Donate to organizations whose work benefits those endangered by the current administration. If you are able, donate money to groups like Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, Sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund, the NAACP, and the National Resources Defense Council. If possible, find someone who is matching donations and send them your receipts to double the amount contributed!

2. Call your representatives and urge them not to confirm Trump’s nominees. Your congresspeople work for you. Members of Trump’s potential cabinet are currently in the middle of their confirmation hearings. Call your reps and tell them to vote against his nominees if they want your vote for their reelection.

3. Join initiatives like #IllGoWithYou to help make marginalized people feel safer. #IllGoWithYou allies use buttons or social media to indicate that they’re willing to help members of the LGBTQIA+ community out if they’re in a stressful or unsafe situation.

4. Attend diversity group meetings on campus. Groups like the Black Student Union and Adelante promote diversity on campus and help amplify the voices of students in these communities. Attend one of their weekly meetings to see how you can act as an advocate and ally for your peers.

  • BSU meetings: Sunday at 6 P.M. in Bemis
  • Adelante meetings: Fridays at 5 P.M. in Bemis

5. Shop from/donate clothes to SHOP2HELP. SHOP2HELP is a Depop store that donates all proceeds to cool orgs that do great work. Also fun clothes!

6. Go to Teach-in: Implications of Recent Executive Orders. This event is sponsored by the ODEI and is an opportunity for members of the Kenyon community to learn about Trump’s recent executive orders from other members of the Kenyon community.

  • Today at 4:10 in Peirce Lounge

7. Speak up! Speak out against racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, etc. in real life and on social media. Take advantage of the platforms available on this campus to not only have your voice heard, but to stand up for those who can’t.

I believe in you. We believe in you. Resist!


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