Resolutions Catchup


via google images and my excellent editing skillz

Well, it is officially a month and four days into the new year. The air is crisp and cold, the leaves are gone, and it’s much too far away to count down the days until Spring break (27 days). Winter break, the absence of shower shoes, and your mom’s cooking seems like a faraway dream. Except …

Have you upheld your resolutions? Those beautiful gems of hope that propel us from a year of hell into a year of possibility. The Thrill investigated to see whether Kenyon students are inherently good or bad at keeping their word. We asked four Kenyon students these three questions: What was your resolution? What are your feelings and sentiments towards this resolution? How do you feel about breaking it or keeping it?

Kit Fluharty ’19 desperately wanted to wash his sheets more often, a resolution that many college kids aspire to maintain. Fluharty declares that this resolution will be “tiring and unattainable, but very much worth it, because [he] is lazy.” And it’s sad to say, but the future is looking dismal. Fluharty shrugs and says his laundry habits will probably not get better.

Evan Cree Gee ’18 declared that he would never, ever make a finsta. For the older Thrill readers, here is the definition of a finsta, or “fake Instagram.” Usually the kids use them to post their super fun and crazy college pictures. Yours truly uses them as a haven for my capybara obsession. However, upon seeing one of his greatest and closest friend’s finstas, Cree Gee was hooked. After breaking his resolution, Cree Gee feels as though he’s “falling into the pits of oblivion.” But follow him!

Matt Garrett ’18 wanted to use his thermos more in the cold weather of Gambier after coming back from abroad. He was excited to use it. However, he has lost his thermos, and therefore has broken his resolution. RIP.


Molly Eder ’20 declares that she won’t make resolutions that she can’t keep. Well aren’t you smart, Molly.

There you have it. Clearly resolutions are for the birds. As long as you go to your classes on a semi-regular basis and call your mom often (she misses you!) you should be fine.




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