10 o’clock List: Has THIS Ever Happened to You?


via The Frisky

Man, oh Man! Life can get so frustrating sometimes! Luckily, there’s a cure for that. I don’t know what it is, but it’s probably $29.99 and if you call now you’ll get another one FREE! Now, especially, to deal with the mundanities of Kenyon, let me ask you a question: has THIS ever happened to you?

  • “Aw, shucks. My bagel caught on fire in the toaster AGAIN!”
  • “Oh, man. The line for eggplant parm is SOOOO long!”
  • “Ughhh I have to be at the Circ Desk at 4 sharp but my professor is holding class extra long!”
  • “Cripes, sexiled AGAIN?”
  • “Whoopsie-daisy, Middle Path is really icy yet again and is hazardous for students to walk on!!!”
  • “Oopsies, Peirce didn’t properly label the allergens in their food, putting a number of students in a potentially deadly situation!!!”
  • “Geez, only paper cups at Peirce today?”
  • “Wait, didn’t we have grilled cheese and hot dogs for lunch yesterday?”
  • “Oh, no! No free booths in the coffee shop!”
  • “Dern. Got to Peirce right at 10:15.”
  • “ANOTHER boiler alert? That’s too much, man!”
  • “The wi-fi is out? On a college campus? How am I supposed to watch Netflix now?”
  • “Oh, boy, Jeff Sessions confirmed as Attorney General? What a life!”

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