What The Heck Is Sendoff?


what the heck are they so excited about? via kenyon.edu

What is Sendoff? I wish I knew. I asked my French AT (“Qu’est-ce que c’est Sendoff?”) one day and, like the Literal Angel she is, she made a valiant attempt to explain the beloved event in words that my one-semester-into-learning-a-language brain could handle. I caught small part of what she was saying, such as the fact that people dance and drink (“Tu bois et tu danses”), but I’m still pretty clueless as to what this thing is all about. Why didn’t I ask her to explain it in English? Well you see, I love a challenge, and at the time didn’t realize that there were intricacies involved in Sendoff that can’t be explained with one semester’s worth of French vocabulary.

So I asked some other freshmen, “what the heck is sendoff?” to see just how in the dark we all are. You know the part of the ocean that is so deep that no light reaches it? That’s where we are. Help us.

I’ve heard that it’s this big party and that everyone gets really drunk during the day and there’s a cool band. They invite a band that’s famous before they’re famous and somehow they predict who’s going to be famous and they invite them. -Hannah Johnston

It’s a festive event. Hang out with friends, drink, listen to music. -Julia Unangst

Sendoff is this concert that used to be right before exams which was why it was collected Sendoff but then it keeps getting moved earlier and people are really mad about that. I think it’s a Saturday maybe and there’s a band and you chill and whatever and you get really drunk. But there’s Extendoff which I think is when you drink into Sunday which is a wild way to like your life. But like, respect. -Alexis Reape

I don’t know what the fuck that is. -Michael Audet

It’s a week where seniors have a campus-wide party thrown for them? -Kylie Milliken*

It’s when they have a really big boat and they have to hit it with a bottle and then the boat leaves. – Cat Smith

*Kylie is thinking of Senior Week, another event that I probably couldn’t explain in French.

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