Greeks For Equality

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This Fall, Brandon Lee Curz ’19 and Juvi Rivera ’19 approached Greek Council, the student run body that oversees all of Kenyon’s Greek organizations, with a new idea to help enrich Kenyon’s Greek community through an increased emphasis on diversity. Hearing their concerns about Greek life, the members of Greek Council decided to create Greeks for Equality, a subcommittee of Greek Council with the aim of improving the accessibility and diversity of Greek life here on the hill. While this sounds noble, it’s not entirely clear what this groups goals are or what they’re doing to affect change.

When asked to comment on the mission of this movement, Juvi stated:

Kenyon Greeks for Equality was founded on the idea that Kenyon’s Greek community should be accessible to everyone… Kenyon Greeks for Equality’s goal is to break down the barriers that inhibit people from joining Greek communities.

Since this Fall, the committee has developed into a budding presence on campus. Members of the committee are very active, mostly sophomores, showing the future of Greek life is committed to this mission, and affiliated with a variety of Greek organizations. Last semester, they hosted an inter-organizational mixer introducing cultural and Greek organization members in order to begin a dialogue between the two communities.

The main project Greeks for Equality is currently working in is establishing a Greek Council sponsored scholarship to help those who cannot afford to join a Greek organization engage in this enriching experience. Right now they are discussing details with administration to figure out the logistics of the scholarship and reaching out to Greek alumnae for donations. If all goes well, the scholarship should be available next Spring.

In the future, Greeks for Equality has many plans to bring their aims into reality. Firstly, they’d like to update Standards of Excellence to promote greater accessibility and diversity within the various Greek organizations on campus. Standards of Excellence are the in depth audit Kenyon requires of Greek organizations in order to ensure they are not violating any college policy and are enriching our campus through their contributions. Greeks for Equality would also like to bring speakers to campus and further open up a dialogue between Greek life and cultural organizations. As a long term plan, the current members of this subcommittee desire to transform Greeks for Equality into it’s own organization, independent of Greek Council like Athletes for Equality.

We’ve yet to see all that this group can do because it’s so young; but, with it’s noble aims and the commitment of its members, it has the potential to open doors in Kenyon’s Greek community.

Special thanks to Caitelin McCoy ’17 and Juviland Rivera ’19 for providing information about the group for this article. If you’d like more information or are interested in joining the committee, feel free to contact them at or

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