It’s Black History Month and I’m Feeling Blue


Quick Quiz: Who in this picture is still alive? Hint: don’t ask the current president

February is a tough month to be at Kenyon College–it’s (usually) extremely cold, the semester is in full swing, work is piling up and break is so close, but yet so far. This February has been particularly difficult for those unhappy with the current political situation in this country. February also happens to be Black History Month and I, for one, am feeling pretty blue.


Maybe it’s the fact that on the first day of Black History Month I was sitting in class in Rutherford B. Hayes Hall, maybe it’s the fact that I saw 6 confederate flags on the way to Columbus yesterday, maybe it’s the fact that during his Thursday press conference our President told a black reporter to set up a meeting for him with the Congressional Black Caucus. DC’s a small town but goddamn, we don’t all know each other. Regardless, I’ve always found it difficult to be black in Ohio, particularly in February. I miss being in my hometown of DC where I can walk around and feel like I don’t stick out. I miss being able to go the local movie theater and see movies starring people who look like me. I miss finding concealer dark enough in my local CVS. So, if you’re like me, and need a laugh or a smile today, here are a few things that made me feel a little bit better:

  • Take this virtual tour of the new National Museum of African American History- I would give away my first born to take a tour in person, but I guess this will do
  • Read Kareem Abdul-Jabber’s take-down of every white person’s, including my mom’s, favorite movie right now
  • Look at this picture of my favorite DILF-in- chief
  • Call my grandmother and ask her what the movie Fifty Shades Darker is about- *spoiler alert* she thought it was about an interracial couple fighting everyday prejudice, bless her heart
  • Watch Loving, which is actually about an interracial couple fighting everyday prejudice
  • REJOICE because Rihanna’s makeup line is finally dropping
  • Watch Beyoncé’ performance at the Grammys AGAIN and fantasize that she’s pregnant with our future President
  • Read MLK’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” because it feels particularly relevant right now
  • Hug President Decatur despite his protests
  • Know that you’re black EVERY month and keep your head up kid, we’re gonna be okay

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