10 o’clock list: Things I Want To Major In


Good news: Kenyon offers a lot of great classes, and I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve taken so far. Bad news: I haven’t found that one subject I’m ready to commit to just yet. I know I have plenty of time until I have to declare, but I’m feeling a little lost. I was told it helps to make a list of interests, so here’s my list of potential majors at this point:

  • Telling people how much I like Lady Gaga’s album ARTPOP.
  • Drinking a literal gallon of water a day.
  • Realizing that I’m really hungry thirty minutes after the Market closes.

  • Math but literally only so I can see what goes on in that one room on third floor Hayes that only math majors have the key to. What’s it like in there? I’d like to find out. 
  • Making unintentional eye contact with people in Wiggin for like, a long ass time.
  • Deciding which Clickhole headlines are funny and which Clickhole headlines are just okay.
  • Making shoddy versions of Deli bagel sandwiches in the Deli section of Peirce.
  • RSVPing to Facebook events then bailing an hour before.
  • ARTPOP is a lot of fun and you probably misjudged it the first time you listened to it. It’s okay, we all did. Give it another listen, I promise you’ll have fun.


2 responses

  1. as a math major, I can confirm the math major’s lounge is filled only with desktop computers, sadness, and once in awhile, candy

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