Olin Desk Graffiti: Illustrated


We’ve all been there, idly drawing in the margins of our notebooks during class. An angsty exclamation here. A 3D cube there. Your name in script everywhere. The scholarly minds of Kenyon students have taken it all one step further. Our pens and brains cannot and will not be tamed. No pretentious comment or Shakespeare quote is safe within the confines of the classroom. Fueled by the fluorescent lighting and a vaguely purple color scheme, students have taken to Olin Library desks to express their inner musings and demons.

So, once again we’ve taken it all one step further and turned these passing thoughts into illustrations as a way to elevate, accentuate and appreciate the wise words of Kenyon College desk doodlers. Vandalism is not condoned, but we’ll let it slide for the sake of procrastinators everywhere.


The lesser known viking battle.


Kenyon Republicans? Kenyon Democrats? Heroine it is!


Anti-cubism to the extreme…but also only if you’re really feelin’ it.


Life’s deepest questions pondered from the depths of Olin.


Overheard at Kenyon?

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