Peirce Hack: Rice Krispie Treat Sundae


rice krispies have lots of iron so this is healthy i think????

Ah, the Peirce dessert station. I’m continually grateful for your mini pies and never ending supply of dessert eggs, but sometimes a girl needs to switch it up. Although the dessert area often has Rice Krispies and other types of cereal bars, there’s nothing that can beat the melty, marshmallowy goodness of a freshly made Rice Krispie treat. While we’re still waiting for a microwave to arrive (@AVI Chris 👀), here’s a simple way to recreate the gooeyness of this dessert with added ice cream because why the hell not.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Go grab a mug from the coffee section (sustainability is cool!) or a small bowl if you feel like fighting your way through the salad line. If you want to go really hard, you can always get a fusion bowl from the AVI workers and have the ultimate cereal/ice cream experience.

Step 2: Soft Serve ‘n’ Sauce

Head over to the soft serve and load up on your flavor of choice. For this sundae I prefer classic vanilla but chocolate is great for that Outdoors Club s’mores vibe. Once you’ve filled your mug with ice cream, pour a generous amount of marshmallow sauce over the top. You want to have a enough to completely flavor the whole dish so edge on the side of too much. If you’re not feeling the cold, you can always just fill up a whole mug with marshmallow but be prepared for glares as you create a line for the soft serve toppings.

Step 3: Venture to the GF Section!

Those who regularly make it to Peirce for breakfast (please teach me your early morning ways) will know that you can’t find Rice Krispies’ off-brand counterpart in the main cereal section sooooo head on over to the gluten free & vegan area to top off your creation with multiple pieces of crispy rice cereal. Note: if you went for the chocolate soft serve, I bet that the amish granola would be a perfect topping for the s’mores taste. I haven’t tried this combo yet but now that I’ve thought of it I’m definitely testing this out soon.

Step 4: Mix Vigorously and Enjoy

Be sure to act v. nonchalant when your friends ask you what’s in the delicious looking mug you bring back to the table. I give you full permission to say, “Oh, just something I came up with” as you shrug and eat your freshly made ambrosia.


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