Nothing Gold Can Stay, Even If It’s Cooked in Front of You


via mount vernon news


So it’s been what? Three weeks since the new Habachi restaurant in Mount Vernon opened? According to this article from Mount Vernon News  the restaurant was shut down temporarily due to “uncorrected critical  health violations.” The worst part is that this article is four days old and we’ve alll only collectively just realized they’re failing health examinations. Maybe the Kenyon Crud was just bad fish all along…

The full statement from Mount Vernon News reads:

“The sign on the door at Ichiban Sushi and Habichi states the restaurant is closed due to an emergency. According to the Knox County Health Department, critical violations that have gone uncorrected resulted in . health department closure Wednesday [Feb 22] afternoon. The health department is scheduled to re-inspect the restaurant Thursday morning. See Thursdays’s edition of the News for more details.”

Mount Vernon News also linked to a PDF copy of the Inspection Report which you can read here. It essentially says that Ichiban was in violation because they were using inadequate hygiene practices, and unhygenic utensils. The report also notes that the wiping cloths being used in the kitchen were not being properly sanitized. Which is how you get creep-crawley friends in your food. Gross.

However, upon re-inspection, which occurred this past Thursday, Ichiban was given the green light to reopen. You can read the Mount Vernon News article here and read the most recent health inspection here. But honestly? I think I’ll just be sticking to Buffalo Wild Wings from here on out.

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