The Monday Catchup


Befunky online photo editor strikes again!!!

Salutations lovers. Well, like most of you, I’m going through Vitamin D withdrawal. Gone is the sun. Gone are the halcyon days of lounging on south quad, beer in hand. GONE! The cold, cloudy midwest has returned to us in full force, and we didn’t even have a second to gird our loins. Rude. Lately, I’ve found myself irritable, tired, and confusingly parched. I am a supple, tender babe again for here I sit in the fetal position, crying and drinking from a coffee cup as if it was teat supple with mother’s milk. Yes, a coffee teat. I can’t tell if that last image was a product of creativity or fatigue. It was probably the latter. Find me Friday at midnight. I’ll be in a better mood. Hell, I’ll probably be asleep. Mama need her sleep. I realize now that describing myself as both baby and mother could be slightly confusing. I am neither. I’m just a wide-eyed Sophomore who enjoys talking to the void. Here’s what you had to say about his weekend.

“I picked up an alum at the Premier event. I STILL GOT IT!”

The Archon Party theme confused me. Was it formal pajamas? Maybe I’m just dense.”

“I ate too much egg.”

Break is so close! Think about it that way. Go to these things.


  • leave.

When: Friday, March 3rd at 4 pm

Where: Start here, in Gambier, and end up elsewhere. Great.See ya in two weeks.


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