Peirce Date: The Next Chapter


the power may have gone out, but look at the spark between these two

For those who do not know about Peirce Date, we set two people up on a blind date at Peirce. It’s a great way for students to connect at no price. Want to go on a Peirce date? Want to find your friend that special someone? Let us know!

We’re back baby. That’s right, it’s another episode of pEiRcE dAtE, where we set up two “willing” participants on a blind date in Peirce. Let’s see how it went:

The Participants: Aldis Petriceks (’17) and Emily Vachon (’17)

Emily is a friend, so I did what any good friend would do: I got her drunk and made her sign a formal contract rendering her financially liable if she didn’t go on this date. I subsequently accidentally emailed Aldis’s personal gmail account, to which he replied, “how did you even get this email??”

The Set Up: Our last Peirce date was on Valentine’s Day and we went all out with lights, flowers, menus and servers….this time around we just had a tablecloth and one of our participants showed up in gym shorts. Whoops.

The Date: I think the image below encapsulates the whole experience.  


His mouth says I’m having a good time, but his eyes say please help me

The Twist: Turns out that both Emily and Aldis lived in Gund freshman year and met during their first weeks as freshman. Now as seniors, they meet again at a slightly unbalanced, tapestry-covered table on New Side. ‘Twas fate I say.

The Resolution: I had to leave before the date was over, but I imagine they gathered up their plates and shared a a firm handshake. As they walked towards the opposing exits on New Side, they turned around and gazed into each others eyes, reflecting on all that could have been and all that could be.

How Was It?

“I never imagined I would be set up on a date in a dining hall, but here I am. We both wore Birkenstocks and have long hair, but personally I think I wore the look better. Aldis and I haven’t talked in probably 3.5 years (fun fact, we were in the same UCC group) but we had a great chat. I think I found the person on this campus that has the most similar diet to mine: chickpeas, tofu, and random items from the salad bar mixed together. As we ate our rabbit food, we both concluded that we were VERY different from our freshman selves. Overall, I feel #blessed to have conversed with the author of the allstu safety emails and reclaimed my awkward time in Gund.” -Emily 

“It was a pleasurable experience and throwback to my tank-top wearing days of Gund/freshman life. I still wear tank tops sometimes but usually with jackets over them. Don’t flaunt it if ya don’t got it, they tell me. The conversation centered mainly around our Kenyon experiences since freshman year, plans for the future, and a shared love of falafel. I told her California has great falafel. She said she liked my emails. I thanked her for her kind dishonesty. The tablecloth was a nice touch. Overall, a quite pleasant evening. My mother was thrilled a girl actually sat at the table with me for over 15 minutes too, so she sends her appreciation.” -Aldis 
 This has been Peirce Date. See you next time.


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