Peirce Hack: Pierce Your Ears in Peirce



Hello and welcome back to another Peirce Hack that you didn’t ask for but still received. Today, the only food item you need is an apple! Plus a sewing needle, lighter, cotton swab, and antibacterial solution. Yep, we’re piercing ears in Peirce!

Video and steps below the cut!!

  1. Make sure your needle is sterilized, either by buying a piercing needle or, if you’re a cheap queen, by using a lighter to burn the tip of the needle then soaking it in your cleaning solution.
  2. Next, simply place the apple behind where you want to pierce the ear and stick the needle through the ear and into the apple. This keeps the piercing from being skewed and makes sure you don’t get pricked.
  3. Once your needle is in there, you’re basically done! To get your earring through, quickly pull out the needle and replace it with the post.
  4. Afterwards, be sure to clean the piercing with a cotton swab dipped in the cleaning solution. This should be done at least every night for 6 weeks, although you can try doing it less if that’s how you get your thrills.

Bonus quote from Michael:

“I hope a tour group walks by us while I have a needle through my ear.”

And remember kids, DO NOT try this at home. Try it at Peirce.

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