Senior Art Show Sneak Peek


Photograph of a print by Claire Harnenz

Horvitz Hall has been buzzing at all hours of the day and night with busy Senior Studio Art majors preparing for the most-anticipated art show of the year. On April 24th, from 5-8PM, the Senior Art Exhibition opens in Kenyon’s premiere art venue: Gund Gallery. Because of Gund Gallery’s prestigious reputation, the Gallery has historically been resistant to showing Senior work–and continues to be so.

I spoke with Evie Gimbel, a current Senior Art Major, and she emphasizes the importance of both the exhibition and peer support: “Up until this point, we as art students have worked and exhibited in Horvitz. To move our work outside the place it is made, especially to such a professional setting, provides a sense of fulfillment and excitement. Despite the fact that the Senior Show is annually the Gallery’s most well-attended event, every year the Studio Art Department must fight for the use of the space.” The Gund Gallery remains the only appropriate and safe venue for artwork. Jackie Arkush, class of ’16 and current Sculpture Shop Supervisor, says that “when I had a show in the Horn Gallery for two weeks, two pieces were completely broken and many of them were moved.” Not only is the Gund Gallery the most reputable art gallery on campus, it is also the only space logistically suited to exhibit work of the caliber produced by Kenyon’s Senior Art Majors. The contested nature of the Senior Exhibition’s presence in the Gund Gallery makes it all the more important to attend the show, reaffirming the significance of the work itself and the validity of its appearance in a professional space.

If the politics are not incentive enough, the Senior work speaks for itself. Having prepared for this show all semester, remaining on campus for spring break, the Art Majors have composed a truly impressive, complex, and thoughtful body of work. They are passionate about their projects, and they have seen each other grow. Truda Silberstein says, “I think the show is going to be really cohesive this year. We don’t all have the same medium or message at all, but there’s something about the emotions that a lot of us are working with and hoping to convey.” The Senior projects have required innumerable late nights, both physical and emotional labor. It is truly exciting that the Kenyon community is able to see this work and celebrate the Art Majors’ dedication to it. Here is a sneak peek profiling a few of the nineteen Art majors and their work. For the full thing, you’ll have to make it to Gund on the 24th!


Emma Harrison
Medium: Tattooed rawhide
3 words: tactile, organic, delicate.
FullSizeRender 5
Truda Silberstein
Medium: Video installation with wood and custom wallpaper
3 words: enclosure, intimacy, motherhood.
Anna Kiyota Petek
Medium: Wood, with some copper and rice involved
3 words: Meditative, obsessive, modest.
Evie Gimbel
Medium: Sculpture
3 words: Erotic, moving, and pretentious.
Gabriel Avis
Medium: Installation
3 words: political, landscape, nightmarish.
Emily Tillitt Barber
Medium: Crocheted yarn
3 words: cognizance, cosmos, nostalgia.
See you in Gund Gallery on April 24th at 5 PM!

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