10 o’clock list: Better Places to Study than the Adirondack Chairs


i can’t add a new photo to the site, so enjoy this excellent sleeping/sitting position 

Now that spring has finally sprung, I know all of you are dying to score a seat in one of the coveted Adirondack chairs, studying for your Stats exam while the breeze flips your pages and D-Cat and his D-dog patrol middle path for friendly ghosts. However, due to a shortage of chairs, it gets hard to live out the Ultimate College Experience of discussing Marx while relaxing on wooden slats. Here are some study spaces that are just as good, if not better.

  • The charging stations on Middle Path. I always do my best work when I’m perched atop a slim, electrical column, don’t you? It’s also fun to hiss at prospective students when they walk by. Time to live up to your nickname, “the Kenyon gargoyle”!
  • Olin. They’re tearing it down soon, so you better get your money’s worth now.
  • The benches in the Gund Gallery. Seriously, they’re nice.
  • The chairs in the waiting area of the Counseling Center. You’re there for most of the time anyways, so pull out your Tocqueville and get to it!
  • A hammock in the Freshman Quad. It’s so nice to sway in the breeze as people around you throw frisbees and the sun filters through the trees. Ignore the side-eye from the dude whose hammock you climbed into and just snuggle in closer. Look mom, you’re making friends!
  • The Iron Throne you made completely out of Peirce cups. So that’s why you’ve been hoarding so many. Either become the DIY goddess of Westeros you were always meant to be, or give the fucking cups back.

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