Whoa! Look how fancy we are! Since this blog’s founding in 2011, we’ve never once actually updated our blog layout. So it’s look a liiiittttlee outdated, and also kind of boring. But we finally did something about it! Look how cute and newsey we are! We’re so excited!

There are some excited changes you can read about below the cut!

First of all, we have a POST SLIDER! The post slider is an easy and fun way for you to click through all the most recent posts on the blog. You don’t even have to scroll anymore, it’s all right there!

If you’re looking for a particular post, we’ve got you covered, our menu bar features all the categories that each post is tagged by. Wanna read a lot of personal narratives and be in awe of how cool people are and how well they write? Just click personal!

Lastly, and most importantly, we have a new logo designed by our very own daily editor Brooke Mason-Cheney ’17. It’s beautiful. If you see her, tell her how beautiful it is, because seriously, it’s a colorful masterpiece and we love it so much.

So yeah, changes.

Tl;dr, we got a makeover and we feelin FANCY

4 responses

  1. Very pretty! Would you please now fix your bad link to the Collegian? It’s been a bad link for many months now. Surely you don’t want to give the impression that you have un-cordial feelings for the Collegian?

  2. aw i love it! a few things: the header is kind of big so i have to scroll down to see the sliding thing and actual posts. also, yesterday the b&w photo of kenyon was there but today i can’t see it.

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